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We, Samchun Chemical Co., Ltd. and Samchun Pure Chemical Co., Ltd.,
would like to express our deepest gratitude for your continuous love and generous support.

Again we thank you very much for your special affection and interest in our products all the time.

Since its inception in 1969, Samchun has made every effort to contribute to advancing science and technology of our nation by manufacturing and/or supplying reagents and raw materials for pharmaceutical and chemical industries, which represent core materials for all industrial fields.

We also continued to broaden product varieties in our own brand through strict quality
management and by starting to produce many reagents which used to be imported
previously.. We also strive to meet increasing demand and dynamic changes in the fast
moving global reagent industry.
For this, we expanded our manufacturing facilities for existing products while increasing
investment for research and development (we built our “Integrated R & D Center
covering 5,746 ㎡ in 2012). This new R&D center allows establishing more efficient
R & D systems for biotechnology, new and renewable energy as well as fine chemistry.
We collaborate with domestic and overseas renowned universities, laboratories and
companies for joint research projects while providing comprehensive customer support.

In addition, two pharmaceutical factories were expanded/renovated, to achieve visions and missions contributing to national health improvement up to the world top level through safe medicine supply, upgrade one step further the levels of medicine raw materials manufacturing and quality management (BGMP), being capable of producing and supplying higher quality and value-added API goods and intermediary medicine products for the future.

For continuous quality improvement and observation of corporate social responsibility for environmental protection, we are improving operating systems for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and KOHSMS18001 and make ceaseless efforts for prevention of accidents and improvement of manufacturing processes through designating PSM (Process Safety Management) workplaces and thus maximize customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, by securing excellent research engineers and introducing advanced research facilities for future new growth engine and R&D of renewable energy, Samchun will concentrate our group competence for R & D infrastructure construction to build futuristic partnership with customers.

We look forward to your continued support and feedback. We will do our best to become a reliable company meeting trust and expectation from customers.

Samchun Chemical Co., Ltd. / Samchun Pure Chemical Co., Ltd. / SC Development Co., Ltd.
Chairman Suk Keun, Chun