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which was founded in 1969, established Samchun Chemical Co., Ltd. in February 1984 in order to extend its business toward the general trading company. Samchun Chemical Co., Ltd. imports reagents from overseas manufacturers and supply them to national public agencies.

Samchun, while increasing its business volume every year, established the manufacturer, Samchun Pure Chemical Co., Ltd., to complete manufacturing facilities, logistic warehouses for the nationwide total supply system, and established the R&D Center in 1994 for continuous investment in developing new products. It accelerated development of medicine raw materials and other chemical raw materials as well as reagents.

Pursuing acquirement of the most advanced technologies and equipment, perfect quality
assurance system construction, and customer satisfaction with products and services,
Samchun will make every effort for much more technology developments in chemical,
bio-chemistry, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • License for manufacturing medical raw materials
  • License for manufacturing chemicals and reagents
  • Acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification
  • Acquired BFMP (Excellent medical raw materials manufacturing and quality management) certification
  • Registered as Venture Business (New technology business)
  • Acquired Inno-Biz (Innovative small & medium-sized Business) certification
  • Selected as Promising Small & Medium-sized Business by Gyeonggi-do
  • Selected as Excellent Technology Business by Korea Technology Finance Corporation
  • Registration of offer business
  • License for general export and import business
  • License for food additives sales
  • License for manufacturing and selling toxic
    and dangerous goods
  • Selected as a young people-friendly company


  • DMC Patents

  • EC Patents

  • LSCF Patents

  • LSCF Patents

  • LSM Patents

  • Ni-YSZ Patents

  • Crystallization Equipment Patents

  • Inorganic Synthesis Reactor Patents

  • Acetone Patents


  • ISO9001 Certifications

  • ISO14001 Certifications

  • Business registration of food additives

  • Selected as a young people-friendly company

  • OHSAS 18001


  • Hazardous chemical manufacturing business Licenses

  • Hazardous chemical sales business Licenses