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To be a global leader, creating values beyond chemicals by innovative materials and solutions

  • Our group aims at becoming a global enterprise creating more values by providing excellent materials and solutions.
  • We target for long-term achievement through growth strategies and our thinking about people and environment.

Innovative materials and solutions

  • We surpass our competitors in price and quality
  • providing optimum goods and exceeding customers’ expectations.
  • We will meet customer needs by offering customized support in combination with products, goods, knowledge and services

Creating values beyond chemicals

  • We will creatively develop and provide biotechnology , medical services as well as reagents, basic chemical substances, and medical raw materials
  • We will offer differentiated values to customers for their success and mutual growth of our group and employees.

Global Leader

  • We will become a group leading future market by exerting our competencies as a leading entity, trusted and visited by customers, feared and envied by competitors, and desired to work by excellent talents.

We provide happiness and contribute to our society through chemicals.

  • Our mission lies in corporate philosophy and entrepreneurship exhibiting purpose of our existence.
  • Samchun’s mission is to provide happiness and make valuable contributions to all our stakeholders and society through our chemicals.

Samchun’s mission

Happiness creation

Social contribution

Core value

Core values are a code of conduct shared and practiced by our executives and staff members, and also reference standards for value judgment.

  • Core values of Samchun are pivotal points uniting future Samchun as one and also DNAs creating a success story.
  • Samchun group reinterprets the spirit of enterprise inherited since its inception to today’s situation, which is shared as core values for decision making and practice guidelines.
  • Reliability and Communication
    • Be truthful to yourself and honest with each other. Develop competencies and act responsibly.
    • Be considerate of others, accept others positively, and coexist through communication and cooperation.
  • Creativity and Innovation
    • Do not follow the past practices but create new values with flexible thinking and liberal ideas.
    • Do not be afraid of change, but lead changes and innovate continuously.
  • Challenge and Practice
    • Set big goals with confidence, and act passionately and ambitiously to the end.
    • Act on thorough analysis and strong momentum to achieve the best result.
  • Ownership
    • Achieve goals based on aggressive thinking,
    • proactive attitudes, as well as the pride of our company and expertise of the work.
  • Talents First
    • ‘People represent future.’ Under the recognition that talent management is the core of corporate competitiveness,
    • we put emphasis on talent discovery and development to let them show off their best abilities.

Good to Great Company

  • Management policies represent basic principles and strategies in management.
  • Samchun is willing to fulfill corporate social responsibility by adopting these policies and leaping from “Good Company’ to‘Great Company.’
  • Observance of laws and ethics
    • Compete fairly in accordance with any applicable laws and commercial ethics.
    • Undertake social responsibilities with ethics through honest tax payment and contributions to local and broader societies.
  • Reliable management
    • Maintain transparent accounting by keeping accurate accounting records.
    • Strictly distinguish between business and personal affairs in all business activities.
    • Build industrial relations of coexistence and co-prosperity based on mutual trust and smooth communication.
  • Emphasis on safety, health and environment
    • Put priorities on safety, health, and environment preservation. Construct optimum safety, health, and environment management system to realize eco-friendly, safe and pleasant worksites.
    • Conform to domestic and international laws of safety, health, and environment. Establish and faithfully fulfill in-house regulations. Execute systematic and periodic emergency response training and strengthen precautionary actions.
    • Focus on prevention of industrial accidents and environment contamination that harm safety, health and environment. Maintain a healthy, safe work environment.
  • Customer satisfaction and Respect for employees
    • Put customer satisfaction first. Treat customers with sincere mind and kind attitudes. Accept customer suggestions and complaints humbly for improvement.
    • Provide products, knowledge and solutions in time meeting customer needs and expectations.
    • Respect employees and endeavor to improve employee’s quality of life. Aggressively support competency improvements required for employee’s work performance and create a pleasant work environment.
  • Focus on Quality and Technology development
    • Develop products in accordance with international standards and become a leader in chemical, medical, and bioengineering fields.
    • Extend and improve production facilities to cope with demand changes for chemical raw materials. Aggressively invest in stable supply of existing products and new product development.

Code of conduct( Code of conduct for executives and staff members )

A code of conduct is a promise of basic practices for Samchun people
to realize the spirit of Samchun.

  • 01Be sure to keep your promise.
  • 02Listen to other people’s opinions sympathetically
  • 03Ask using positive language and give feedback.
  • 04Acknowledge diversity and respect differences.
  • 05Suggest your opinion based on facts.
  • 06Discuss and determine high, common goals
  • 07Cooperate actively to achieve goals.
  • 08Make an effort to become the best
  • 09Encourage and recommend a new attempt.
  • 10Finish work persistently once started
  • 11Take the initiative in bringing Samchun’s view of values into practice.