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CS project of Fine chemical division
Customized project specially covers organic compounds and inorganic metal synthesis requested by customer.
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    CS project
  • Equipment
  • Research stage

    (G to 1KG)
  • Development stage

    (1KG to 10KG)
  • Commerciali

    (10KG to 100KG)
  • Mass production

    (100KG to TON)
  • 01

    It is possible to synthesize products desired by customers. In addition, through communication, we provide products that our customers desire.
  • 02

    We offer services at the time the customer desires.
  • 03

    We offer services that the stage of research to be studied to the stage of pilot for optimization of synthesis process.
Technical sales department
Tel. +82 70-8656-3730
  • Electronic material

    OLED materials (Electron injection layer, Electron transfer layer, Photic layer, Hole transport layer, Hole injection layer), OPV materials, Semi-conductor materials, etc.
  • API intermediate

    New drug, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, Libraries, Reference Standard, Impurity, etc.
  • Boronic Acid & Ester derivative

    Suzuki coupling, Stile coupling, Sonogashira coupling, conjugated addition, etc.
  • Organo-metal

    Catalysts, Polymers, etc.
  • Palladium(Pd) catalyst

    Catalysts, Heck coupling, Suzuki coupling, Stille coupling, Sonogashira coupling, Negishi coupling, Buchwald-Hartwig amination, etc.
Technical sales department
Tel. +82 70-8656-3730
| Organic compounds for electronic material |

Photo-resist intermediate

OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode)

HIL/HTL (HIL : Hole Injection Layer, HTL : Hole Transport Layer)
ETL (ETL : Electron Transport Layer)
EL (EL : Emitting Layer)
| Pharmaceutical intermediate |
  • Antiviral API intermediate

  • Benzothiazole intermidiate

  • Dibenzothiophene intermediate

  • Weinreb amide intermediate

The synthesis of reference standards and it’s impurities are possible with working standard level.
  • Anticonvulsants isomer

  • Amlodipine impurity

  • Antitumor intermediate

  • Optical resolution of (+/-)-Metyrosine

| Boronic Acid & Ester intermediate |
| Organometal |
| Palladium Catayst |
Technical sales department
Tel. +82 70-8656-3730
| Synthesis equipment |
  • 50L

  • 20L

  • Forced Convection Oven

  • Vacuum oven

  • Freezing dryer

  • 20L

  • Nutsche filter

| Analysis equipment |
  • 400MHz NMR

  • HPLC

Technical sales department
Tel. +82 70-8656-3730