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The R&D Center of Samchun Pure Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,

Since its foundation in 1994, has focused on product research and development to secure consumer oriented value creation and global market competitiveness capable of leading the overall chemical industry, playing a role of designing and suggesting future corporate visions.

Especially in 2014, to reinforce global competitiveness, we set up the materials development office for developing renewal energy area and nano materials the Fine chemical division for developing medicinal raw materials and high purity organic compounds; and the Bio-development office for developing biomedicines. These establishments raised the status of the R&D Center to the integrated laboratory worthy of the name.

After completion of the integrated R&D Center in 2013 comprising 4 floors above ground and 1 floor below ground, the R&D Center of Samchun Pure Chemical Industry equipped with excellent research engineers and cutting edge research facilities, constructs systematic research system to develop new products and maximize customer satisfaction, while devoting the continuous effort for customer satisfaction, ‘the ultimate corporate philosophy,’ with quality and manufacturing process improvement of existing products and development of innovative alternative products.

Described below is the history of R&D Center, Samchun Pure Chemical Industry, moving ahead of the time, while observing principles of customer satisfaction and quality improvement.

Quality improvement

  • Production
  • QC

  • R&D Center
  • 2015

    04PMP product development (bioscience)
    03CRS/CMS project (precision chemicals)
  • 2014

    11Participated in the core materials source technology development project (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    11Participated in the renewable energy fusion core technology development project (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    04Reorganized to an integrated research center (comprising 3 offices)
  • 2013

    06Completed the R&D Center (at Plant 2)
  • 2009

    05Participated in the renewable energy technology innovation project (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
  • 2006

    11Acquired INNO-BIZ certification
  • 2003

    08Renewed ISO 9001 certification and acquired ISO 14001 certification
  • 1999

    10Acquired ISO 9002 certification
  • 1996

    08Commenced Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Production
  • 1995

    06Established a fully accredited R&D Center for Samchun Pure Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  • 1994

    10Accredited by R&D Center of Samchun Pure Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

R&D Center of Samchun Pure Chemical Industry constructs research infrastructures at the highest level through continuous R&D investment, performing joint research in cooperation with domestic, overseas companies, laboratories, and universities. Our R&D Center comprises 4 offices including Precision chemistry office, Bio-development office, Materials development office and Research planning office, where excellent talents concentrate on developing world leading technologies and products.

Head of R&D Center
Research planning office
Precision chemistry office 2
Precision chemistry office 1
Bio-development office
Materials development office
  • Fine chemical division
  • Bio-development office
  • Materials development office

High purity products are offered at reasonable prices.

Fine chemical division of Samchun R&D center, established in 2014, carries out research synthesizing from basic organic materials to intermediate organic materials applied to various industrial fields. Boronic acid&ester derovatives, API intermediate and intermediate organic materials for electronic devices(OLED, OPV) etc can be synthesized and produced. Various analysis equipments (NMR(400MHz), HPCL) are equipped for product guarantee. It is possible to provide mg scale to kg scale according to customer’s demands. High purity products including basic organic materials based on research and fine chemistries are researched and produced in reasonable price. We all do our best to help customer’s research and development.

Technical sales department
Tel. +82 70-8656-3730

Production of top-quality bio products

Bio-development office, where top quality domestic bio-products are produced, was set up in April 2014 to develop high value added products at reasonable prices using smooth supply of high quality raw materials in the capacity as the chemical reagent company of Samchun Pure Chemical Industry. We provide technology support of efficient products (high quality, low price) and various analysis tests and offer differentiated services in the existing market where domestic shipping is often delayed due to the import-dependent distribution structure by responding to a customer’s order rapidly.

Constant R&D and various technical skills

Bio-development office located at Plant 2 of Samchun Pure Chemical Industry, with its continuous R&D and diverse technologies, continues to grow innovatively by developing bio-grade reagents that satisfy the unique cell test in the country and PMPs (Pre-made products). It continues to enhance customer convenience by meeting Quality/Quick/Query and holding diverse technologies.

Technical sales department
Tel. +82 70-8656-3730

Localization of Fuel Cell Materials

Materials development office for developing fuel cell materials performs customized inorganic materials development from basic inorganic chemicals to multi-component inorganic compounds. We take the initiative in fuel cell commercialization through development of SOFC and MCFC materials. We offer excellent quality fuel cell materials at reasonable prices compared with those of other companies. Especially we contribute to basic technology development for customer needs through custom-made SOFC and MCFC materials development.

Development of Nano-materials

Materials development office for customized materials development and ultrafine nano powder manufacturing performs custom-made materials development for customer’s research convenience. By controlling particle sizes and specific surface shapes through our excellent technology, we develop products meeting customer needs. Besides, we take the lead in promoting nano technology by developing ultrafine nano powder below 10 nm.

Technical sales department
Tel. +82 70-8656-3730